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Why Poland

Poland is located at the geometric centre of Europe and is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in the world. In the north there is the beautiful Baltic Sea, while in the south lies the natural boundary of the Carpathian Mountains. In the east, Poland ends at the River Bug, while in the west it is the Rivers Oder and Nysa Luzycka that form the border. Poland is as it has always been the contact point between the cultures of east and west.

The Poland of today covers around 312,000 Km2, and has a population of more than 40 million. Poland is a hospitable and friendly country with countless historical sights, a picturesque landscape, clean environment, and outstanding natural riches.

Budget friendly

  Hotel prices are competitive when compared to other European cities and major international hotel chains are represented here. Poland is a safe and welcoming country with a strong, stable economy. Over the last decade Poland's rate of economic growth has been the highest among members of European Union. This growth has led to enormous investments in the hotel infrastructure and conference facilities. We have never been in a better political and economic position to warmly welcome your international conference or incentive in Poland.

Polish Hospitality

"A guest in the house is God in the house" - goes an old Polish saying. Foreigners usually describe Polish people as inventive, talented, cheerful and romantic, but most of all very hospitable. Whether you choose the relaxing Polish countryside or one of vibrant Polish cities, you will experience an indefinable sense of friendliness.

Diversity of Nature

Wherever you are in Poland you feel close to nature. Poland offers beautiful sandy beaches of Baltic coast, high Tatra mountains, thousands of crystal clear lakes of Mazuria and unspoiled woods of Mazovia. Poland is home to wild European bison and best breeds of Arabian horses. All 23 National Parks offer exceptional experience.

Polish Cuisine - Naturally Tasty

Over the centuries Poland has developed a very distinctive cuisine influenced by other cultures and civilizations like Italian, Lithuanian, Jewish, Tatar. Polish cuisine is based on organic, natural products and full of aromas and flavors from distant lands. Taste traditional ham and sausages, sour Żurek soup, Pierogi - dumplings with various fillings, Gołąbki-cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, Bigos - Hunter's stew, Oscypki - Highlinder's smoked sheep cheese. If you visit Poland you need to sample famous vodka, which is a national liqueur. Vodka was invented by Polish people and now there are hundreds of brands of different taste, color and volume. Try Wyborowa, Chopin or Zubrówka-unique bison grass vodka. They are the best in the world!